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The Penn Group strives to maintain a diverse team with a wide range of backgrounds. The Penn Group operates nationwide, and our network of security experts reaches all corners of the United States.

Austin Harman, President & CEO
Austin Harman, Associate of CISSP, CAP, Security+
President & CEO
Doug Stewart, CISSP, PMP, CEH, Security+
Doug Stewart, CISSP, PMP, CEH, Security+
Principal Consultant
Ben Goodman, Security+
Benjamin Goodman, Security+
Security Consultant, Operations

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The Penn Group was founded on strong principles guided by an important mission. We believe it is our mission to defend honest companies from cybercriminals who seek to do them harm. The Penn Group was founded in 2019 to address a disturbing problem in our world. Cybercriminals are running rampant, and real damage is being done to real people. The Penn Group was founded to be a different kind of company. We are always looking for qualified candidates. Want to join the team? Send your resume over to

Our Core Values

the penn group development
Great people cannot be bought, they must be attracted and developed.
the penn group excellence
We will bring only our best, because that is what our customers deserve.
the penn group unity
We aren’t meant to work or be alone. We exist to change the world together.

the penn group transparency
A company of leaders is an organization of achievers. We embrace the value of educated and informed decision making from the top down and bottom up.
the penn group agility
We will not follow the pack, but lead the charge. We embrace change as our catalyst for impact.

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