Why Managed Security Services Makes The Difference

Posted on 9th Nov 2019

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Managed Security Services

What if cybercriminals were in your systems right now?

Every day, cybercriminals from around the world attempt to penetrate the information systems of companies big and small. Weaknesses in cybersecurity can and will undermine your mission, threaten your brand image, and invite litigation from the regulatory agencies. For most organizations, it is just too expensive to adequately protect it. Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, security must be implemented and designed around your risk tolerance. Risk is likelihood times impact. Even a low risk breach, that has a high impact, could cost your organization into the millions or greater.

To adequately protect your organization, you need a complex web of technical security, organizational security, and managerial security controls that defend against attacks. Installing security technology, managing it, and monitoring it can be an untenable cost overhead for even medium to large organizations. Not to mention the constricted labor market applying pressure on finding qualified security talent to staff such security teams. Beyond technical security, organizations must have effective security policy and processes in place to ensure that they are protected in the event of a breach scenario. While some might argue that the Cloud is a safe space to operate, without requiring security, this is a false notion. A significant number of data breaches have occurred due to inadequate or misconfigured security within the Cloud.

What is the solution?

Protecting your organization is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year responsibility. It is not enough to “lock down” your systems and call them “secure”. You must perform continuous monitoring. Continuous monitoring is a term that stems from the United States Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Prior to the implementation of the Risk Management Framework (RMF) most Federal Government institutions utilized a compliance methodology to implement security. If the system checked the boxes, it was considered “secure”. The problem with this approach is that no system is 100% secure. In fact, security updates to even the most secure systems must be applied often and with consistency to maximize security.

Beyond the government, this activity extends into the private sector. Organizations have struggled with how to effectively monitor and implement security patches on their systems. Worse even, even if these processes were in place, most have little or no experience with handling an incident. Incident response teams dramatically reduce the likelihood of a breach getting out of hand. Swift action can be the difference between a million dollar breach and a one hundred million dollar breach. Implementing continuous system monitoring can be extremely expensive requiring an extremely large overhead in labor and management of a security operations center. There has to be another way.

The Penn Group provides full managed services including security operations, patching, and management to ensure your organization is protected. In addition to these critical services, The Penn Group will broker cyber insurance to ensure that in the event of a breach, you are covered from top to bottom.

The Penn Group cybersecurity operations services include log management, endpoint management, host based security systems (HBSS), firewall management, and incident response. If you experience an incident and require assistance, The Penn Group understands actions that must be taken to protect evidence, remediate the threat, and ensure continuity of operations are restored. You can learn more about managed services HERE.