Protection Of Critical Accounts

Posted on 8th Jun 2019

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Today, email is ubiquitous. As a virtual requirement to do business, use online services, and even buying items at a retail store, email has been cemented as the preferred communication medium between businesses and you. From a security standpoint, email is used almost exclusively as your username to any website.

Whenever you forget your password to an account, you must provide your email address to the service in order to receive a link to reset your password. This process is used across the internet, and is considered by many to be secure. There is a fatal security flaw with this process, however. What happens if a cybercriminal gets access to your email? The answer: they now have the “keys” to virtually all of your accounts. This situation is all too common, and serious damage can be done. Your bank account can be drained, your Facebook hijacked, your LinkedIn sabotaged, and your Amazon account abused; all before you have a chance to stop the hacker. Hijacked email accounts are then sold on the Dark Web for exponential profits.

It is imperative that we protect our email accounts. Using technology such as 2 factor authentication, which is security speak for extra protection on your account, is essential in today’s threat landscape. You can enable 2 factor authentication on your Gmail by following this link:


Austin Harman, President & CEO
Austin Harman, Associate of CISSP, CAP, Security+
President & CEO