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The Penn Group is on a mission to deliver excellent experiences that inspire. We are masters at transforming environments through Sound, Lighting and Video.

At The Penn Group, we specialize in creating unforgettable experiences through cutting-edge audio, video, and lighting installations. Our expertise spans various applications, making us your go-to partner for Church’s, Restaurants, Event Spaces, Theaters, and Casino audiovisual needs.

The Industries We Specialize In

Create Excellent Church Worship Experiences With Distraction Free Audio, Video and Lighting

Creating an audio, video and lighting experience for a modern church is a complex endeavor. The Penn Group is your specialist audio visual partner for Churches of any size. The Penn Group understands and enables your Church to navigate the nuances of budget, stewardship, experience, and feel. Worshipers shouldn’t be worried about the tech. The Penn Group aims to deliver a system that is easy to use, simple for volunteers to operate, and built to last for decades to come.

The Penn Group - Live Event Installation and Production
•   Enable your unique worship sound crystal-clear sound systems precision engineered to your specific space.
•   Capture the power moments of your weekend experience and deliver an exceptional live stream / church online experience.
•   Invite the Holy Spirit with lighting designed to communicate and captivate the emotion of the live experience.

Create an Exceptional Restaurant Dining Experience with Beautiful Sound

In a Restaurant, ambiance, decor, feel, and experience are as big of a factor in a guest’s experience as the food that the guest eats. The Penn Group specializes in creating audio and visual systems that are easy to operate, enable the front of house team to individualize a guest’s experience, and matches the overall feel of your concept.

Restaurant Audio, Video and Lighting Specialists. Columbus, Ohio
•   Craft audio and visual restaurant experiences with harmony between menu and ambiance in your unique concept.
•   Keep patrons returning with best in class audio and visual displays.
•   Control the dining atmosphere with simple to use, zone controlled dynamic systems.

Immersive Events Depend on Excellent Audio, Video and Lighting

Captivate your guest with best in class, audio, video and lighting experiences in your event space, wedding video, or rental facility. The Penn Group specializes in delivering unique event space experiences that maximize the usable space, enable dynamic space utilization, and ensure your guests aren’t worried about the tech.

low angle photography of bride and groom dancing
•   Adapt your event space for any occasion with our flexible audiovisual solutions.
•   Create a memorable setting for weddings, corporate events, rental spaces, and more.
•   Easy to use, simple to operate, and supportable keeps your mind on the event, and off the tech.

Bring The Exhilarating Casino Experience to the Next Level With Best in Class Audio, Video and Lighting

Players understand quality, and when gaming, the player demands the best possible experience. The Casino’s atmosphere is a revenue generator or revenue killer. The Penn Group specializes in zone controlled, easy to operate distributed audio, video and lighting systems for gaming venues big and small. From Las Vegas night clubs to small home town gambling halls, The Penn Group is well equipped with the design expertise, relationships, installation capabilities and support teams to support any gaming operation.

people playing poker
•   Maintain a high-energy atmosphere with cutting-edge sound and visuals.
•   Create a captivating casino experience that keeps guests engaged.
•   Supportable systems that are designed to last for decades.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

•   Collaborate closely with our team to bring your unique vision to life.
•   Tailor our installations to match your specific requirements.
•   Craft bespoke experiences that set you apart in every application.

Transform your space with the power of audio, video, and lighting. Discover the magic of The Penn Group.

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