Our Story

The Penn Group, founded in 2019, is a group of companies offering a broad array of technology services. Founded in a 1-bedroom apartment by CEO Austin Harman, The Penn Group immediately began making a difference inside organizations large and small.

The Penn Group has challenged the status quo by insisting on excellence throughout the entirety of our process. We have been on the front lines of building the Global Church, enabling event venues to bring all new experiences, and delivering live events that are second to none.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to deliver excellent experiences that inspire greatness.

The Penn Group

The Penn Group is the parent company of all The Penn Group subsidiary companies.

Driven By Generosity

Outside of our walls, The Penn Group supports children from Compassion International. Each month, we provide support for children from around the world, enriching their lives with education, meals, and services designed to equip them for a full life, outside of the bounds of poverty. A Christian Organization, The Penn Group will continue to show the light of Christ around the World. 


Located in New Albany, Ohio

Hello from Ohio. We are centrally located in the United States of America with a global vision.