3 Common Security Mistakes Organizations Make

Introduction Every day, cybercriminals from around the world attempt to infiltrate the systems of companies of all sizes. Protecting the information systems of companies is not only the priority of security teams across the nation, but the United States government has also identified it as a key national security issue. The U.S. economy and global […]

Cybersecurity Lessons From Coronavirus

Coronavirus & Cybersecurity I’m sure you’re probably either deathly afraid of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or think that it is the biggest over-inflated media hype since the Swine Flu. Regardless of your instinct on the severity of the COVID-19, we can all tend to agree that the virus is something to be taken seriously. What […]

Your Debit Card Number Got Stolen. So What?

Recently, my friend Scott sent me a text message that read “my debit card number got stolen and they [cybercriminals] spent $800”. As the President & CEO of The Penn Group, I hear about this kind of fraudulent activity often. With 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, it isn’t difficult to draw the conclusion that these […]