3 Common Security Mistakes Organizations Make

Introduction Every day, cybercriminals from around the world attempt to infiltrate the systems of companies of all sizes. Unfortunately, there are 3 common security mistakes organizations make that undermine their defenses. Protecting the information systems of companies is not only the priority of security teams across the nation, but the United States government has also […]

How To Build a Cybersecurity Program

Learn how to build a cybersecurity program from the cybersecurity strategy down to tactical technical security. Building a cybersecurity program is an interesting challenge within the scope of today’s Information Technology landscape. As the President & CEO of The Penn Group, building an information security program that is cost effective, robust, and agile is one of the core […]

Pursuing Compliance: Here Is Why You’re a Walking Data Breach

Cybersecurity Strategy: Compliance < Security For as long as information security has been a function of the organization, there has been justified tension between focusing on compliance and pursuing security in the matter of cybersecurity strategy. One of the most frustrating pressures to deal with as a security leader is budget. Your business stakeholders want to […]