Your Debit Card Number Got Stolen. So What?

Recently, my friend Scott sent me a text message that read “my debit card number got stolen and they [cybercriminals] spent $800”. As the President & CEO of The Penn Group, I hear about this kind of fraudulent activity often. With 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, it isn’t difficult to draw the conclusion that these […]

Ransomware is Owning Our Cities. Here is Why.

As the President & CEO of The Penn Group, I see a lot of disturbing trends within the world of technology. One of the most disturbing is the fierce debate over encryption that is ongoing between our Government and private institutions, such as Apple, Inc. On one hand, the safety and security of the United States populous is at […]

The Softer Side of Protecting your Organization: The Insider Threat and Social Engineering.

The Insider Threat In the field of cybersecurity, there is heavy concentration on the technical controls and countermeasures that can and should be applied to protect against intrusions and attacks. We talk about devices, logging, intrusion-detection, anti-malware, detailed frameworks that identify complicated mechanisms, programming and mathematical algorithms for encryption. These are all very important pieces […]