Church LED Wall Installation, Design and Integration

The Penn Group is a Church LED Wall integration company specializing in installation and integration of Church LED walls. The Penn Group only installs the highest quality LED wall systems with no compromise.

Industry specialties, Audio, video and lighting integration for church, retail, gaming, retail, restaurants, theater, and schools
Industry specialties, Audio, video and lighting integration for church, retail, gaming, retail, restaurants, theater, and schools

Welcome to a New Era of Worship

At The Penn Group, we believe in creating an immersive and uplifting worship experience. Imagine worship services where every word, song, and visual presentation captivates and inspires. With The Penn Group’s cutting-edge LED wall screens, this vision can become a reality.

The Penn Group built its reputation of installing ultra high quality LED Wall systems and building the global church. Church LED Walls should be clear, easy to service, reliable, and volunteer friendly. The Penn Group specializes in installing walls meeting the modern Church’s criteria.

Why Choose The Penn Group For Your LED Wall?

The Penn Group is a leader in audiovisual solutions, dedicated to helping faith communities enhance their worship environments. Our LED wall screens offer unparalleled clarity, vibrant colors, and seamless integration, ensuring that your congregation engages with every moment.

Benefits of Our LED Wall Screens

  • Enhanced Visuals: Bring sermons, lyrics, and videos to life with high-definition displays.
  • Increased Engagement: Create a more interactive and captivating worship experience.
  • Seamless Integration: Our screens are designed to fit seamlessly into your sanctuary’s aesthetic.
  • Reliable Support: Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive installation and maintenance services.

See the Difference

Imagine the impact of a vivid, crystal-clear display that enhances every aspect of your worship service. From dynamic sermon illustrations to powerful worship lyrics, The Penn Group’s LED wall screens ensure that every member of your congregation feels connected and inspired.

Our Design Process

Understand Your Style

Capturing your organization’s identity and style can only be achieved with a comprehensive understanding of your goals. Technology translates your organization’s identity to the world.

Design With 80/20

You can achieve 80% of the value for 20% of the cost. We are budget wizards, ready for $200 or $200 million dollars.

Install With Excellence

Every cable labeled. Every wire accounted for. Every speaker precisely tuned. Every light ready to reign in the heavens. Our commitment to excellence isn’t what we do, it is who we are.

Support With Dedication

Projects installed by The Penn Group are backed by a 1 year complementary support window. In the unlikely event you have a problem, we are here to support.

Where Are You?

We are mobile. Headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio, The Penn Group is capable of installation of Church LED Wall Installation nationwide. Travel costs are kept to a minimum where possible.

Lets Work Together On Your Church’s LED Wall Installation