Casino Gaming Audio System Design, Installation and Support

The Penn Group is an audio integration company specializing in distributed audio systems for gaming applications. Maximize gaming revenue via immersive audio experiences designed to suit the individual needs of each gaming space.

The Penn Group is your partner in creating immersive distributed audio experiences for gaming areas, hotel areas, lobbies, restaurants, and pool/outdoor seating. Building on decades of audio experience, The Penn Group is well versed in the gaming industry. Your audio system is an essential element of your guest’s experience on your property. The Penn Group obsesses over every minute detail to make your gaming experience a Grand Jackpot.

Audio Everywhere and Nowhere in your Casino Gaming Experience

Designing a casino sound system that meets your gaming experience requirements is a journey. From the beginning, The Penn Group’s talented team of designers, engineers, draftsman, and installers work to understand your operations and your vision. For existing properties, upgrades can be installed in place, without the need of additional cabling. For new buildings, space remodels, or expansions, The Penn Group focuses on operational flexibility as a foundational principle. Audio should exist when it is called upon, and should disappear when it is not needed. Our systems are flexible enough to put audio everywhere or nowhere. It is up to you.

We have a bit of a reputation for putting big stereos in small places.

“Our intention is to create the absolutely best sound on any budget. No one goes home humming the lights”

Austin Harman, CEO

We Install Top Audio Brands In Your Gaming Spaces

The Penn Group offers unparalleled flexibility with access to dealer and reseller relationships with the top audio brands worldwide. Our engineering experts can design and install with virtually any budget and space. Our design philosophy is brand agnostic. Some of our example brands include:

The Penn Group is an Authorized Dealer of Harman Inc. products. Every cable labeled. Every wire accounted for. Every speaker precisely tuned. Every light ready to reign in the heavens. Our commitment to excellence isn’t what we do, it is who we are.

Where Are You?

We are mobile. Headquartered in New Albany, Ohio, The Penn Group is capable of installation of Casino Gaming Sound Systems, Public Address Systems, and Integrated Audio solutions nationwide. Travel costs are kept to a minimum where possible.

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