Casino Audio, Video and Lighting Solutions

Maximize gaming revenue via immersive audio, video and lighting experiences designed to suit the individual needs of each gaming space. The Penn Group is your gaming audio video and lighting partner, headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio.

The Penn Group is your partner in creating immersive distributed audio, video and lighting integrations for gaming areas, hotel areas, lobbies, restaurants, and pool/outdoor seating. Building on decades of experience, The Penn Group is well versed in the gaming industry. The Penn Group obsesses over every minute detail to make your gaming experience a Grand Jackpot.

Audio Everywhere and Nowhere in your Casino Gaming Experience

Designing a casino sound system that meets your gaming experience requirements is a journey. From the beginning, The Penn Group’s talented team of designers, engineers, draftsman, and installers work to understand your operations and your vision. For existing properties, upgrades can be installed in place, without the need of additional cabling. For new buildings, space remodels, or expansions, The Penn Group focuses on operational flexibility as a foundational principle. Audio should exist when it is called upon, and should disappear when it is not needed. Our systems are flexible enough to put audio everywhere or nowhere.

Eyes on Video Anywhere

Modern gaming environments demand the highest fidelity video solutions. With the legalization of sports betting, high quality video solutions are paramount to keep patrons inside your sportsbook. The Penn Group integrates complex technology with automation to simply the sportsbook operating experience, while maximizing screen real estate for your patrons. Video is the quintessential form of modern entertainment, pairing perfectly with modern gaming.

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A Night No One Will Forget

The party doesn’t stop, and the experience in your casino night club depends on ultra high fidelity audio, video and lighting equipment. The Penn Group specializes in the design, procurement, installation and support of high fidelity audio, video and lighting for casino night clubs.

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