Live Event Professional Audio Rentals

We have a bit of a reputation for putting big stereos in small places.

Everyone has been to a live event that sucked. We believe that every event should have an audio system that provides transparent, clear reinforcement of the content coming from the stage. In fact, we tend to put big stereos in small places because no one goes home humming the lights.

Located in New Albany, Ohio only The Penn Group and offer nationwide audio rentals for any need.

Live Event Audio Production and Rentals

We offer a full range of services for live event production. We offer professional audio, professional lighting, and professional video rentals, leases, and consultation for live events. With seasoned professionals and decades of experience, you can trust The Penn Group to provide an excellent experience for your event regardless of scale.

Sound System Rentals

The Penn Group offers a wide selection of rentals for gatherings of up to 100,000 people. Regardless of the size of your event, our rentals can scale to your needs.

  • Full Size Public Address System Rental for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Concert class stereo systems for live music

How Does A Rental Work?

Rentals for The Penn Group generally require a signed contract with The Penn Group. Looking for a short term rental of just a few pieces of gear? Email for more information.

All rental services are located in New Albany, Ohio a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.