Church Sound System Installation and Integration

The Penn Group is a Church sound integration company specializing in Church sound system installation and integration.

Your Church’s sound system is reliant on an excellent public address system capable of transparently delivering your style to every single seat.

The Penn Group is a church sound system integrator that built its reputation of installing ultra high quality audio systems for churches by building the global church. As church audio integration specialists, The Penn Group travels nationwide designing, installing and supporting audio sound system systems. A Church audio system must be flexible to meet the wide needs of your church. Your sound system must be volunteer friendly, with easy operation. Your sound system must work, week after week, with dependable reliability. The Penn Group specializes in church sound systems that are flexible enough to meet your demands, stable enough to last the test of time, and simple enough to be volunteer friendly. Stewardship isn’t a checkbox. We demand the highest quality to ensure the Kingdom’s money is invested to the maximum degree. Your Church’s sound system should deliver transparent, high quality audio to every single seat. Our audio integration team has decades of audio experience and takes pride in delivering excellence to every seat.

Church Sound System Installation. Design, Installation, Support. Pro Church Audio Integration by The Penn Group
The Gathering – A Church Sound System Installation by The Penn Group

A Small Budget Should Not Equal a Low Quality Sound System

Designing a sound system that meets your church’s needs can be a complex process. Considerations of the facility, utility, capacity, and viability are essential to ensuring a high quality outcome. The Penn Group stands by a simple principle: if we believe the system will not meet the church’s needs, we will not install it. We stand by our quality and have built our reputation on it.

We have a bit of a reputation for putting big stereos in small places.

“Our intention is to create the absolutely best sound on any budget. No one goes home humming the lights”

Austin Harman, CEO

We Work With The Top Brands For Your Church Sound

The Penn Group offers unparalleled flexibility with access to dealer and reseller relationships with the top audio brands worldwide. Our engineering experts can design and install with virtually any budget and space. Our design philosophy is brand agnostic. Some of our example brands include:

The Penn Group is an Authorized Dealer of Harman Inc. products.

The Penn Group is your Church Audio Experts:

The Penn Group works with your Church throughout the process of sound system design, installation, configuration, and commissioning. The Penn Group works with:

  • Portable Churches
  • New Church Builds
  • Retrofit existing Church sound systems

Our team of audio experts installs:

  • Church Sound Systems
    • Line Array
    • Point Source
    • Subwoofers
  • Church Audio Mixers
  • Church Microphones
  • Church In Ear Monitoring Systems
  • Church Broadcast Audio / Live Stream Mixing

Our Church Sound System Installation Design Process

Understand Your Style

Capturing your organization’s identity and style can only be achieved with a comprehensive understanding of your goals. Technology translates your organization’s identity to the world.

Design With 80/20

You can achieve 80% of the value for 20% of the cost. We are budget wizards, ready for $200 or $200 million dollars.

Install With Excellence

Every cable labeled. Every wire accounted for. Every speaker precisely tuned. Every light ready to reign in the heavens. Our commitment to excellence isn’t what we do, it is who we are.

Support With Dedication

Projects installed by The Penn Group are backed by a 1 year complementary support window. In the unlikely event you have a problem, we are here to support.

Where Are You?

The Penn Group offers Church sound system installation services nationwide. Headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio, The Penn Group is capable of installation of Church Sound Systems, Public Address Systems, and Integrated Audio solutions nationwide. Travel costs are kept to a minimum where possible.

Lets Work On Your Church’s Sound System Installation

Church Sound System Design, Installation, Integration and Support. The Penn Group is headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio. We provide nationwide church audio services including sound system, public address system, and audio mixer upgrades. Contact us to work together by calling: (614) 741-5306 or emailing