Church Acoustic Treatment

The Penn Group is an audio integration company specializing in Church acoustic treatment design and installation. Your Church’s sound system is only half of the equation for transparently delivering your style to every single seat. A correctly acoustically treated auditorium, sanctuary or meeting space will enhance your church’s sound clarity, enhance intelligibility, and reduce overall apparent volume.

Mission View Church Primacoustic Treatment Instalation
Mission View Church Primacoustic Treatment Instalation

Getting your Church’s Building Acoustics Right Will Improve Your Sound Quality

The Penn Group has earned its esteemed reputation in installing top-tier acoustic treatments by serving churches worldwide. Every worship space is different, requiring a specialized design and thoughtful approach to treatment. Our team of sound experts utilizes specialized software to analyze the space and create a tailored match to meet your goals. For us, stewardship is not merely a checkbox; it’s a commitment to delivering the utmost quality, ensuring that every investment made serves the Kingdom to its fullest. Your church’s acoustic treatment should enable your sound system to provide crystal-clear, high-fidelity sound to every corner of the sanctuary. With decades of experience, our team takes pride in delivering excellence to every listener, ensuring an immersive auditory experience for all.

A Small Budget Should Not Equal Low Quality

Designing great acoustic treatment that meets your church’s needs can be a complex process. Considerations of the facility, utility, capacity, and viability are essential to ensuring a high quality outcome. The Penn Group stands by a simple principle: if we believe the treatment will not meet the church’s needs, we will not install it. We stand by our quality and have built our reputation on it.

We have a bit of a reputation for making our clients happy.

“We love how the room and
the system sounds!  We’re definitely getting more punch and definition
in the bass.”

Mission View Church, audio director

We Are Primacoustic Authorized Dealers

A division of Radial Engineering, The Penn Group is a Primacoustic Authorized Dealer.

Where Are You?

We are mobile. Headquartered in New Albany, Ohio, The Penn Group is capable of installation of Acoustic Treatment, Church Sound Systems, Public Address Systems, and Integrated Audio solutions nationwide. Travel costs are kept to a minimum where possible.

Lets Work Together

Church Sound System Design, Installation, Integration and Support. The Penn Group is headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio. We provide nationwide church audio services including sound system, public address system, and audio mixer upgrades. Contact us to work together by calling: (614) 741-5306 or emailing