Allen and Heath Avantis Review 2024

Review: Allen and Heath Avantis 2024

Allen and Heath Avantis Review 2024, the best console for Church, Theater, Schools and Event Spaces. Updated May 2024. Overview of the Avantis Avantis Desk Features, Specs and Applications Avantis is a 64 channel / 42  buss configurable mixer platform featuring a 96kHz XCVI FPGA engine with class-leading 0.7ms latency plus add-on processing from dLive …

Top 10 Considerations for Choosing an LED Wall For Your Church or Venue

Last updated in April 2024. In recent years, LED walls have become a popular choice for churches looking to enhance their worship experience. LED walls offer a range of benefits, including superior image quality, flexibility in design, and energy efficiency. However, purchasing and installing an LED wall can be a significant investment, and there are …

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Have Sticky or Stuck Faders on your Allen & Heath Digital Console?

Allen & Heath mixers can suffer from sticky faders due to dirt or mechanical issues. To fix, identify the cause by inspecting and cleaning the fader tracks, or recalibrating. If problems persist, consider replacing the faders. Regular maintenance, using the correct lubricant, and protecting the mixer from environmental damage are key preventive measures. Consult professional services for persistent issues.

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The Top 10 Considerations Before Installing a New Sound System in a Church in 2024

Introduction: Updated in January 2024. When it comes to enhancing the worship experience, the role of audio technology in churches cannot be overstated. A well-designed sound system can amplify sermons, elevate musical performances, and create a conducive environment for spiritual engagement. However, installing a new sound system in a church requires careful consideration to ensure …